Stressed? Know How Counseling can help you

Stress is an adverse reaction that our mind shows with adverse reactions that occurs due to excessive pressure or other situations that we face in our lives. This can leave us with feeling of overwhelmed or overloaded by the demands that are placed up on us. Yes, it is now a common problem faced by many people in the community. It is very much necessary to compact this problem effectively. For this you need to get professional and best quality help. Dyuthi clinic is the best counseling centre in Kodungallur to help you with mental distress and other mental issues you face.

What Causes Stress?

Stress will occur due to different reasons. It may be due to one big thing or lots of little things building up. The causes for stress include a time of uncertainty or change. When you are under a lot of pressure and not being in control of or worrying about something constantly and you have responsibility that is hard to cope with. Stress occurs with situations like when we feel threatened, scared or under pressure. In situations like these, our body will release stress hormone cortisol. When the situation is returned to normal the cortisol level will also return to normal.

The increase of the cortisol hormone can affect us physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviorally. These kinds of situations will show certain symptoms like raised blood pressure, headaches, tension and muscular pain. There may also have concentration difficulties, difficulty in making decisions, moodiness, irritability and will be accompanied with loss of confidence most often. It may be difficult to find the exact reason behind your stress, but a counselor can help you find your issues and treat them. Dyuthi clinic is the best counseling centre in Kerala to give best counseling and mental support for your problems.

How Counseling can help with Stress?

A counselor can help you to explore and understand what is causing stress in you. You and your counselor can work together to find some specific solutions that will help you to combat the issue. Your counselor is someone with whom you can offload all your issues and can be totally honest with. They are not to judge you and will not judge you. The counseling relationship is actually a place for you to be accepted, not to be judged and to get what you have been going through. We give you a space to offload your worries in a safe environment. At Dyuthi clinic, the best counseling centre in Thrissur, you can explore your problems and make sense of it. We can help you to find the next step forward.