Stay in Track during the Month of Karkidakam

Earlier, Karkidakam was a month which people in Kerala loathed and cursed due to no food and no money. Until a quarter century ago, life used to be with starvation, shortages, epidemics, unemployed farmers and heavy non-stop rain in Karkidakam. This was the south-west monsoon in the July-August months, which forced the people to stay inside. Moreover, it was an inauspicious month for ceremonies like weddings and the economy will be downstream for most people. The month of Karkidakam is a season of disease with frequent rains. With the wellness treatments in Ayurveda, the month of Karkidakam has turned to a wellness month. Dyuthi clinic is providing best Ayurvedic treatments in Thrissur.

Treatments in Karkidakam

There are various wellness treatments taken in Karkidakam for the complete wellness of the body. Getting these treatments will help you to stay healthy and well throughout the year. At Dyuthi clinic, there are a good set of Karkidakam treatment available. There are mainly given as three packages. Let us have a short look at this:

- Package- 1

This package is especially for body pain. The treatments include Nasyam+ Full body massage+ Steam bath

- Package- 2

This package is for inflammation and pain management. The treatment is in two types like Abyangam+ Podikizhi and Abyangam+ Naranga Kizhi.

- Package- 3

This package contains two types of treatments. One is for pain, rejuvenation and whitening. It has treatment of Nasyam+ Njavarakizhi+ Whitening. The other treatment is meant for weight loss management. The treatment given is Udwarthanam+ Steam bath.

Successful Reinvention

This is the time to get a successful reinvention of you. Dyuthi clinic is a traditional healthcare provider to give best Karkkidam treatments to people. Thus became the best Ayurvedic clinic in Thrissur to provide several wellness treatments. Our body is more receptive to herbal treatments, special diets and herbal tonics during this season. In the month of Karkidakam, there are a number of people who opt for several rejuvenation therapies. With the popularity of these treatments there are hundreds of foreigners, mainly Arabs and Europeans who visit Kerala for this treatment. The worst month of Karkidakam had now became a month of wellness with the traditional and natural ways of treatments in Kerala.