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WELCOME TO DYUTHI Counselling Centre in Kodungallur

As we know, counselling is a talking therapy. This involves a live session between a trained therapist and patient. This is meant to give mental support and healing to people. Here people can discuss their problems with the trained professionals in a peaceful and safe ambience. Getting your psychiatric counselling done with expert is good and it will solve a major part of your problem. Dyuthi clinic is the best counselling centre in Kodungallur to take care of your mental health in a good and safe manner.

The process of counselling occurs in a way where the individual, couple or family meet with a trained professional counsellor to talk about certain issues and problems they are facing in their lives currently or had faced earlier. The important part that we must keep in mind is professional counselling is confidential and non-judgmental. Thus, it is better to ensure that you are getting a professional counselling.

Our Aim with Counselling Service

With the counselling services, we aim to create an emotionally safe space and an accepting, caring relationship in which the patient can explore, discover and clarify ways of living more satisfyingly and resourcefully. Dyuthi clinic is providing professional counselling services to help people find peace in themselves. This has made Dyuthi clinic as a best counselling centre in Thrissur.

Goals of Counselling

Whatever may be the service or business we do, it will have certain goals and we work to meet these goals. Similarly, when it comes to counselling also there are few common goals. They are as follows:

Different Types of Counselling and Their Characteristics

When all counsellor-client relationships may strive for similar big-picture goals, each type of relationship has their own specific characteristics and desired outcomes. Dyuthi clinic is one of the best counselling clinics to provide couple counselling sessions in Thrissur and helping to deal with the problems. Here are different types of counselling and their characteristics:

Whatever may be your kind of problems, best counselling services are provided with excellent and professional therapists. They are meant to give you mental relief and improve your performance in the day-to-day activities. Excellence in giving best counselling services had made Dyuthi clinic as one of the best counselling service providers in Thrissur.

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