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Welcome to Dyuthi A Clinic of Naturopathy,
Counseling Center & Much More...

We at Dyuthi bestow you the most effective treatment, with a home like ambiance and gives you an opportunity to explore yourself and your body/medical conditions. Visit us and you will experience that the medicine works on all levels - Body, Mind and Soul as we use various modalities to conquer health issues. We believe and make you overcome from the most affected Chronic Health Concerns, Pain and Stress using Safe, Effective Naturopathic Medicine.

Get the special attention and Extra care for all your concerns and lead to a Healthy Life.

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General Medicine for Common Diseases

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Weight Loss Management

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Awareness Classes

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Training Program/Crash Course for Therapists with Certification from Institution

Dedicated Team
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Dr.Swapna Shamz
Chief Consultant
BNYS, Dcam, D.Ac, D.Pharm,
D.Accu, D.cosmo

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Dr.Rakhi P. Ravi

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